Monday, June 7, 2010

Biscuit and Gravy go to the Dominican Republic

Before we got engaged, Chad made the mistake of sending me a discount travel email. He was sending it just as an FYI, but I took it to mean, "Look Biscuit, these are some great deals on fun trips. We should book one." So I did. Within a few hours of receiving the email, I had purchased two tickets to the Caribbean!

I got us a trip to the Dominican Republic over Chad's birthday weekend. We stayed at a gorgeous resort in Punta Cana.

One of the days we were there, we went on a snuba excursion (combination of snorkeling and scuba diving) and we (Chad) got to drive our own personal speed boat to the snuba site. It was a ton of fun and only a little scary.... Chad told me afterwards there were only a couple times when he thought he might actually flip the boat.

The week of relaxation and sunshine was just what we needed, and now that we are back in rainy Seattle, we are really looking forward to Tahiti after the wedding.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are engaged!!

Chad flew to Seattle on April 24 for what Kelly thought was a regular visit. Little did she know that Chad had been anxiously developing multiple plans for the perfect proposal for months, and he planned to execute one of his plans that week.

After Kelly cancelled their plans to go to the tulip festival on Sunday, the Seattle weather rained out their walk through the Olympic Sculpture Garden on Monday, and Kelly announced last minute that she had a work event all night Wednesday, Chad was running out of plans. Thankfully, he did not give up.

On April 28, Chad asked Kelly to come to the roof of their condominium building and take pictures with him holding signs that said "happy birthday" to send to a friend serving in Qatar. Kelly stood on the roof holding the signs, as Chad set up the camera up on the tripod.

Chad hit a button on the camera, walked over to where Kelly was standing and asked her to put down the signs. Confused, she said that she couldn't because the signs would blow away. Chad insisted, and although she was very confused, Kelly obliged.

When Chad grabbed her hands, he was shaking so much. Kelly knew something big was about to happen. Chad talked to Kelly for a couple minutes, listing all the ways they make each other's lives better and bring out the best in each other. At the end of his speech, Chad recited a limerick he'd memorized months before:

It took us a while to see Just how great we could be Now Biscuit and Gravy are together And if you say yes its forever Will you marry me?

Kelly of course said "YES!!!" As Chad went to stop the camera from recording (he'd thought ahead and captured the moment on video!) he remembered one of his props. He walked back over to Kelly and unzipped his jacket and showed her the t-shirt he had made. It said: "Mrs. Gravy?" Then he handed her her very own "Future Mrs. Gravy" t-shirt.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addie Bunny--STL Easter

Its hard to miss a "first" when you have a cute little one. And it doesn't hurt when St. Louis is kind of in between Seattle and DC. So, we spent Addison's first Easter Weekend in St. Louis.

We didn't have a lot planned except seeing the family and staring at Addison. We were able to accomplish a few things. I had heard about Pappy's Smokehouse. Since I like BBQ almost as much as I like biscuits, I conned everyone into going to visit it. You know its a good restaurant when the line is 50 people deep at 2:30pm. We of course waited, but were disappointed to learn all the chicken and turkey was gone. Thankfully they still had the swine, so i got the double platter of brisket and pulled pork..with a side of the most amazing sweet potato fries. Lunch was worth the trip alone.

After the long lunch, we took Addison to the petting zoo. We showed up with just a few minutes to go before closing but were able to see horses, cows, goats and a few others. Addison liked to watch and growl at the animals and we just laughed at her the whole time.

When we got home, Derek schooled everyone in the science of Corn-hole. That night since Addison couldn't die Easter eggs, we decided to do it for her. Because Chad can't focus on anything for a while, he quickly died his eggs and then ate candy. Biscuit, Heather and Derek spent hours drawing on, dipping, and creating masterpieces while Chad pretended he was Superman.

Luckily the next morning the Easter Bunny showed up and brought everyone candy--of course Chad ate from everyone's.

It was a short trip but great to get to see the family and finally hear Addison growl in person.

Monday, March 29, 2010

We love NY

Even though I went to law school a short train ride away from NYC, I had never been. Chad thought (rightfully so) that this was a great tragedy, and promised to take me as soon as possible. Thanks to Tonya, we managed to find a great deal at a new hotel in Midtown, so we picked a weekend in March and booked the trip!

During our three-day whirlwind tour of NYC, we managed to see Times Square, eat Tasti D-Lite (Biscuit), run into The Naked Cowboy, get a bus tour of Lower Manhattan, Explore (a very small part of) Central Park, eat falafel from a street vendor, eat Pinkberry three times (again, Biscuit), and be the first ones to the top of the Statue of Liberty's crown.

My favorite part of the trip was without a doubt the trip up the Statue of Liberty. It was quite an undertaking to get there. Chad had to buy our tickets months in advance, as they only let around 90 people to the top every day. We arrived in Battery Park at a very early 7:45 a.m. Our tickets said 9 a.m., but Chad is not a fan of being late. We stood in line until 8 a.m., when we moved inside to a different line. We went through one level of security, took the boat to Liberty Island, and literally raced off the boat to be the first ones in the next security line. After passing through the final layer of security, we were off to the races! Somehow one other couple cut in front of us on the way up the 350ish stairs; however, they hesitated for about 2 seconds on a landing halfway up the monument. Chad and I did not hesitate. We glanced at each other, nodded, and took off up the stairs. We were the first ones to the top of the Statue of Liberty's crown!

It was an amazing weekend and I can't wait to go back, even if only for the numerous conveniently located Pinkberrys and the Hummus Place restaurant. Amazing. Thanks Gravy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Canada.....Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

I have always loved watching the Olympics. No matter the sport, the country or if its the summer or winter. There is just something about the competition, camaraderie, and nationalism.

I was lucky to attend the Atlanta 96 Olympics when my sister was dancing in the opening and closing ceremonies. However, Kelly had not been to an Olympics.

In February I was basing out of Seattle for 2 weeks. Every night Kelly and I watched the Olympics religiously. Kelly decided we should pop up to Vancouver for the day to just experience the festivities. I called my friend Chris and had my passport FedEx'ed to me and we decided on the day. Not to my surprise, Kelly didn't want to just visit Vancouver but wanted to see an event. She looked for days until she found the perfect tickets...Curling (or shuffleboard with ice, brooms, and big granite rocks).

At 7am on Sunday, February 28th we made a run for the boarder. Our trip into Vancouver was easy--flew through the boarder and found cheap parking downtown. After picking up our tickets we wandered around taking in the shirts, jackets and red mittens. While the Olympic Flame was beautiful, the fact it was behind a fence (referred to as a concentration camp) was troubling.

After fighting our way through the official souvenir shop (and failing to find mittens) we headed to the Olympic Center for Curling. 4 sheets of ice, 16 stones per sheet, and 4 (wo)man teams. Although I had been watching curling daily and reading up on it, it was still intimidating. We bought a radio to "listen in" on what was happening and to help us understand the matches. While it was hard to follow 3 matches at once (much harder than on TV), it was amazing to be part of the Olympics and a "sport" that most people hadn't heard of 2 weeks earlier. The Americans lost badly and the Canadians were also beaten in an upset. However we felt like winners for getting to Vancouver and taking part in a once in a lifetime experience (well, maybe twice a lifetime for me).

We're ready to book our tickets to Sochi in 2014!