Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are engaged!!

Chad flew to Seattle on April 24 for what Kelly thought was a regular visit. Little did she know that Chad had been anxiously developing multiple plans for the perfect proposal for months, and he planned to execute one of his plans that week.

After Kelly cancelled their plans to go to the tulip festival on Sunday, the Seattle weather rained out their walk through the Olympic Sculpture Garden on Monday, and Kelly announced last minute that she had a work event all night Wednesday, Chad was running out of plans. Thankfully, he did not give up.

On April 28, Chad asked Kelly to come to the roof of their condominium building and take pictures with him holding signs that said "happy birthday" to send to a friend serving in Qatar. Kelly stood on the roof holding the signs, as Chad set up the camera up on the tripod.

Chad hit a button on the camera, walked over to where Kelly was standing and asked her to put down the signs. Confused, she said that she couldn't because the signs would blow away. Chad insisted, and although she was very confused, Kelly obliged.

When Chad grabbed her hands, he was shaking so much. Kelly knew something big was about to happen. Chad talked to Kelly for a couple minutes, listing all the ways they make each other's lives better and bring out the best in each other. At the end of his speech, Chad recited a limerick he'd memorized months before:

It took us a while to see Just how great we could be Now Biscuit and Gravy are together And if you say yes its forever Will you marry me?

Kelly of course said "YES!!!" As Chad went to stop the camera from recording (he'd thought ahead and captured the moment on video!) he remembered one of his props. He walked back over to Kelly and unzipped his jacket and showed her the t-shirt he had made. It said: "Mrs. Gravy?" Then he handed her her very own "Future Mrs. Gravy" t-shirt.

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