Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addie Bunny--STL Easter

Its hard to miss a "first" when you have a cute little one. And it doesn't hurt when St. Louis is kind of in between Seattle and DC. So, we spent Addison's first Easter Weekend in St. Louis.

We didn't have a lot planned except seeing the family and staring at Addison. We were able to accomplish a few things. I had heard about Pappy's Smokehouse. Since I like BBQ almost as much as I like biscuits, I conned everyone into going to visit it. You know its a good restaurant when the line is 50 people deep at 2:30pm. We of course waited, but were disappointed to learn all the chicken and turkey was gone. Thankfully they still had the swine, so i got the double platter of brisket and pulled pork..with a side of the most amazing sweet potato fries. Lunch was worth the trip alone.

After the long lunch, we took Addison to the petting zoo. We showed up with just a few minutes to go before closing but were able to see horses, cows, goats and a few others. Addison liked to watch and growl at the animals and we just laughed at her the whole time.

When we got home, Derek schooled everyone in the science of Corn-hole. That night since Addison couldn't die Easter eggs, we decided to do it for her. Because Chad can't focus on anything for a while, he quickly died his eggs and then ate candy. Biscuit, Heather and Derek spent hours drawing on, dipping, and creating masterpieces while Chad pretended he was Superman.

Luckily the next morning the Easter Bunny showed up and brought everyone candy--of course Chad ate from everyone's.

It was a short trip but great to get to see the family and finally hear Addison growl in person.

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