Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gravy Learns to Snowboard

Chad escaped Snowmageddon in DC to spend Valentine's Day with me in Seattle. I decided Chad had not experienced enough snow recently, so I took him snowboarding! Chad had never been before, so I signed us up for a lesson together.

After the first hour of the lesson, the instructor took us up the mountain for our first run. Gravy was awesome! He had a couple ugly falls, but he jumped back up like a champ. After one of Chad's particularly painful-looking falls, the instructor turned to me and said, "Umm, yeah he's going to be really sore, so make sure he takes some advil tonight. Or a bottle of wine. Whatever works for him."

After our lesson, we took a couple runs down the mountain on our own. I asked Chad if he was having fun. The look on his face most of the day had me a little concerned. He turned to me and said, "Why would I be having fun. I'm terrible. I'm falling constantly and every joint in my body hurts. What part of this is fun." Despite his answer, I think he actually had a great time--except for the part where the 8 year old kids flew past us down the mountain as we sat in the snow trying to muster the energy to stand back up. That was not cool.

All in all it was a good day. We both left the mountain without any (new) injuries and with at least half-smiles on our faces. Next weekend, we head to Vancouver to check out the Olympics!

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