Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon--February 2010

Its not my style to give you an update when Kelly wasn't there too, but Snowmageddon is big enough that it deserved a posting.

The 2009-2010 winter has been one of the roughest in DC history. My first year in DC (2003) we had a blizzard, but I haven't seen a real snow since. This winter, we have had 2 top 10 snow storms and a few other significant storms--mostly on weekends of course!

The storm started mid-day on Friday. At about 3 pm, it started to accumulate. I had planned ahead. Not only did I have candles and flashlights, but I had beer, wine, candy and of course Beer! By Saturday morning at least 16 inches had fallen. Luckily I had power (and still beer and pizza).

After watching movies and G-town basketball, I ventured out to see what it was really like. Hundred of people were walking down the middle of major DC arteries (most were carrying beer or cigarettes). There were people driving, but mostly those from countries that don't traditionally have snow. I took a few pictures, did a snow angel and hit a local watering hole for a Snowmageddon brew--Chocolate stout and Banana beer.

Except for dropping snow and water on kids smoking pot under my window, the snow has been anti-climatic. I kept my power and we didn't break the record for the largest snow ever (its top 5 and my 3rd in the top 10). My unofficial tally (on top of a recycling bin) was 22 inches for the storm!

I can say for a fact that being stuck in your condo, alone, is not a great thing. I have read books, watched movies, eaten pizza, consumed beer, taken a walk, thrown snowballs, and made yellow snow. However, its not the same with out Biscuit. I wish that she could have been stranded with me too. At least she is warm and safe in perpetually rainy Seattle

I'll stay warm tonight and start the process of digging out tomorrow.

Chad 1: Snowmageddon 0.

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  1. Awww I wish I was there too! Safe and perpetually rainy Seattle is no fun without you! I love you!